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Lunar Love Birth & Newborn Support

At LLB, I am dedicated to a holistic but research-backed approach to birth, education, and postpartum support. I focus on creating a family-friendly and supportive environment for expecting parents and their support systems. I am strongly committed to serving clients with disabilities, mental illnesses, and neurodivergent needs by providing specialized support and personalized care. With my trauma-aware approach and community-centered care, clients can expect a safe, educated and empowering birth experience and a well-rounded postpartum team built with community resources. 

My Services


Prenatal & Birth Support

I offer comprehensive support to families during the childbirth process. From prenatal education to advocacy during labor and delivery, I provide compassionate support at every step. With a community-supported approach and a non-judgmental attitude, I'm committed to helping you have the birth experience you deserve. I also offer support to surrogates and those choosing adoption.



At LLB, I believe in a whole-system approach to prepare you for your childbirth journey. Our classes are trauma-informed, disability-friendly, and neurodivergent-friendly to cater to your unique needs. We also recognize the significance of ethical non-monogamous families, and we're passionate about empowering you with the knowledge and skills to welcome your new addition to the family confidently.


Postpartum Support

I understand the challenges that new parents face, which is why I offer a wide variety of services to support them in their transition. Our postpartum doula services provide clients with daytime assistance and nighttime support, regardless of their family constellation or dynamic. We prioritize our client’s rest and recovery, giving them more time to bond with their new baby.

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