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Couple and Surrogate Mother

Adoption, Fertility Intervention & Surrogacy Support


  • Two two-hour prenatal/pre-adoption visits (assistance in setting up, doctor's appointments, advocacy meetings, etc.)

  • Birth doula support for the surrogate or biological parent if desired

    • Included: One two-hour postpartum visit with the surrogate or biological parent

    • Included: One-two hour childbirth education course with the surrogate and adoptive parents  

    • Additional postpartum visits are available at an additional cost of postpartum doula rates

  • Support in the child's transition to the home from the birthing location (I think of this as the 'adoptive parents' birth day'!) 

  • 'Postpartum doula' support for adopting families, including night support

Postpartum Doula Support
Daytime shifts - 4 or 8 hours
$27 an hour

Overnight Shifts - 10-hour minimum
$30 an hour

Surrogacy Birth Doula Support

Transition Home Shift
$27 an hour

Let’s Work Together

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