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Meet Dez

She/They ~ Doula ~ Birth & Postpartum Educator 

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by all life. I began by catching little bugs to study, filling my pockets with rocks and fossils, and endlessly people-watching. As I grew into my teens, pregnancy, birth, and childrearing became my new interest. I became a babysitter and mother's helper for those who had recently had children and found peace in serving and healing the birthers in my community. In college, I dabbled between studying pregnancy, mothers, and why so many were developing postpartum mental health conditions. I learned about doulas, their work, and the importance of education, advocacy, and support. I found my calling in birth space.

As a spiritualist and healer, I learned that my gifts were better suited to serve my community in the moment by guiding them through one of the most life-changing processes with care and compassion. I found my calling in the birth space by joining my background in academia and research with my connection to life and its processes. In the future, I hope to find myself in midwifery, but for now, serving each new family in the moment is what truly feeds my soul.



2017 to 2020

Marymount University

B.A. in Psychology

Concentrations in Maternal & Early Childhood 

During my degree, I studied maternal and infant psychology, with a focus on postpartum mental health conditions, and the mental impacts of pregnancy and birth

2020 to 2021

NOVA Southeastern University

M.S. Studies in Mental Health Counseling

Concentration in Feminist & Maternal Trauma Counseling

During my studies, I focused on understanding how trauma impacts pregnancy and birth. I created my methods from an empowering, feminist lense, prioritizing authentic and community-centered approaches.


DONA International

Birth Doula Training

I studied under Robin Elise Weiss to transition from mental health counseling into the birth work field.



Postpartum Doula & Childbirth Educator Training

Through ICEA, I independently trained in the foundations of postpartum doula work and childbirth education. 


Birth Advocacy Doula Trainings

Childbirth Educator Training

Through BADT, I furthered my education through a disability support, BIPOC-affirming, and trauma-focused lens. I learned how to create lessons that are accessible and trauma-informed. 

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